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Saturday’s COVID-19 Data: 13,797 New, 32.65% Positivity, 29 New Deaths

Kentucky COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring
No Vaccine Monitoring stats given during the Weekend.
As of January 21:
Total State Population: 4,467,673
at least one dose – Fully Vaxxed – Boost/Add.Doses
Total State Population Vaccinated:                                  2,835,927                 2,448,077         986,434
% of Total State Population Vaccinated:                                    63%                            55%             22%
Total State Population > 18 Years of Age Vaccinated: 2,596,771                 2,255,984          971,515
% of Total State Population > 18 Years of Age Vaccinated:    75%                           65%             28%
Total State Population >65 Years of Age Vaccinated:     709,812                    631,694        406,044
% of Total State Population >65 Years of Age Vaccinated:    95%                             84%            54%

First Dose Administered by Vaccine:
Pfizer: 1,533,776 54%
Moderna: 1,097,068 39%
Janssen(J&J): 201,786 7%

Notes from Saturday’s 1.22 Ky. COVID-19 Daily Summary

Total New Cases: 13,797 Confirmed: 10,175 Probable: 3,622
18 & Under: 3,000 Confirmed: 1,946 Probable: 1,054
Total Cases: 1,069,824 including 748,350 Confirmed Cases and 321,474 Probable cases.

Positivity Rate: 32.65% (7-day Rollover Average)*

Total Tests: 12,327,487 Total Positive Tests: 1,296,254 Total PCR Positive: 888,540 Total Serology Positive: 55,828 Total Antigen Positive: 351,886
Kentuckians Ever Hospitalized with COVID-19: 36,259 (3.39%)
Kentuckians now in Hospital with COVID-19: 2,366
Kentuckians Ever in ICU with COVID-19: 6,887 (0.64%)
Kentuckians now in ICU with COVID-19: 455
Kentuckians on a Ventilator with COVID-19: 252

Current Overall Capacity:
Occupied    Available     Percent
Inpatient Beds:
             7,619                   5,489                   58.1%
ICU Beds:                        1,276                       188                  87.2%
Ventilators:                       666                    1,245                  34.9%

New Deaths announced today: 29
*258 duplicates and records not meeting case criteria removed since the last report.

Today’s total number of cases includes one additional case that was not included in
yesterday’s report due to a data processing issue.

Total Deaths due to COVID-19: 12,716 Confirmed: 11,148 Probable: 1,568

Kentucky COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring Stats

QuarantineofVaccinatedPersonsGuidance (from CDC.gov)

Vaccine.KY.Gov to see when you can get vaccinated, or call 855-598-2246 from 8 am to 7 pm Monday-Friday. 855-598-2246 TTY: 855-326-4654 (8 am to 7 pm Monday – Friday)

The data collected by the Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) on case patients comes from a number of sources, including electronic laboratory reports, provider case.
disease and COVID-19 investigation reports, local health department investigation results, hospital infection prevention clinical patient data, and KDPH investigation results. Data is often found incomplete and/or incorrect and during KDPH investigation individual patient-level data is added to, corrected, and de-duplicated so that overall case counts and aggregate data values change daily.

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