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6.20.22 COVID-19 Data: 7,927 New, 12.45% Positivity, 51 New Deaths

Notes from Monday’s 6.20.22 Ky. COVID-19 Weekly Summary

Total Cases: 1,388,211
Total Deaths: 16,114
Total New Cases: 7,927
New Cases 18 & Under: 1,294
Total New Deaths: 51

Positivity Rate: 12.45% (7-day Rollover Average)*

Kentuckians now in Hospital with COVID-19: 369
Kentuckians now in ICU with COVID-19: 48
Kentuckians on a Ventilator with COVID-19: 25

Current Overall Capacity:
Occupied    Available     Percent
Inpatient Beds:
              8,177         2,670       75.38%
ICU Beds:                        1,365             398       77.42%
Ventilators:                       107             648      14.17%

Kentucky COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring Stats

QuarantineofVaccinatedPersonsGuidance (from CDC.gov)

Vaccine.KY.Gov to see when you can get vaccinated, or call 855-598-2246 from 8 am to 7 pm Monday-Friday. 855-598-2246 TTY: 855-326-4654 (8 am to 7 pm Monday – Friday)

The data collected by the Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) on case patients comes from a number of sources, including electronic laboratory reports, provider case.
disease and COVID-19 investigation reports, local health department investigation results, hospital infection prevention clinical patient data, and KDPH investigation results. Data is often found incomplete and/or incorrect and during KDPH investigation individual patient-level data is added to, corrected, and de-duplicated so that overall case counts and aggregate data values change daily…

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